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SIA TV and Film Security

The rise of movie studios, cable networks, and even Netflix means that more movies and TV shows are being filmed than ever before; especially in high-profile locations around London and the surrounding areas. This means that security around film locations, crews, and actors is at an all-time high.

Savysec security has the well-trained, hands-on experience required to help secure TV and film locations while better protecting facilities, equipment, staff, and the people involved in making the picture.

What’s more, we’re able to provide the access and control you’ll need to focus on filming or setting up the next shot without having to worry about civilians on set or people trying to get too close—all so you can work safely and uninterrupted.

As part of our SIA security services for film and television, our security guards can provide the following:

  • Local Traffic Management
  • Monitoring Vehicle Access
  • Providing Access to Emergency Vehicles (In Accordance with Laws)
  • Crowd Management (Keeping Stars and Staff Safer)
  • Walking, Driving, and On-Site Patrols
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Anti-Paparazzi Measures
  • VIP Trailer Security and Protection
  • Close Protection Officers or Bodyguards

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to making a movie, working with actors, and securing locations; parts that can easily be compromised by overzealous fans, locals in the area, and even something as simple as traffic.

Our trained security professionals can help mitigate those issues to help improve the efficiency of your film making, which can help you:

  • Save Money on Re-Shoots
  • Keep Actors Safer On Set
  • Minimize Wasted Time or Hours
  • Avoid Spoilers
  • Improve Staff Confidence
  • Strengthen Local Relationships

Whether you’re making a movie, shooting re-takes, or filming that next season of a TV show, security on set is vital to getting it done quickly and easily. Let Savysec professional security personnel give you the support you need to focus on making a great picture without worrying about the small details.

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